Choose from our services,
that we have been providing since 2007

Regular cleaning

- Cleaning of office premises
- Cleaning of business premises
- Cleaning of medical facilities
- Cleaning logistics halls
- Cleaning of production premises

Industrial cleaning

- Cleaning of industrial halls
- Cleaning technologies
- Cleaning production lines
- Cleaning of constructions

High-rise and climbing cleaning

- Washing facades
- Window washing
- Washing of industrial buildings
- Washing light advertisements

Special cleaning

- Deep cleaning of floors
- Upholstery of carpets and upholstered furniture
- Application of protective polymers
- Cleaning of escalators and travelators
- Disinfection

Exterior maintenance

- Mowing and mulching of grass areas
- Fertilization and weeding of lawns
- Care of interior greenery
- Winter service
- Post-season cleaning of roads

Hygienic service

- Supply and installation of dispensers
- Delivery of hygiene material
- Replenishment of hygienic material
- Replenishment of disinfectants